The Secretary,
Department of Financial Services,

The Chairman,
Indian Banks Association

Respected Sirs,

Sub: Long Pending Issues of Bank Retirees.

Myself, being the member of an affiliate of All India Bank Pensioners and Retirees Confederation (AIBPARC),bring to your kind notice the following areas of deprivation of Bank Retirees with an appeal to redress the same at an early date.Since my organization on a continuous basis has been representing before you on all the undernoted issues being backed by detailed narration of the background, the financial load and legal position of each demand,I am not going into the depth of it and just mentioning the issues for consideration:

  1. Pension Updation: The amount of Pension remains frozen since date of retirement.It is not updated simultaneously with wage revision of serving Employees although the clearly spelt--out provisions are there in Pension Regulations.
  2. Improvement of Family Pension: Although in the recently concluded Bipartite Settlement/Joint Note,it has been improved in line with the Employees of RBI/GOI, the approval of Government is yet to be accorded.It should be implemented immediately.
  3. 100pc DA neutralization to Pre--November 2002 Retirees: An artificial barrier has been created to deprive an elder segment of Retirees by denying 100pc uniform DA neutralization to them and thereby flouting the spirit of standardization and the verdict of the Oft--quoted Nakara case.This is got to be redressed .
  4. Group Medical Insurance Scheme for Retirees: Although Government in its Communication to IBA did not advise that Retirees would have to pay the premium, fact remains that the elder citizens have to bear the burden of an excessively high amount.I demand that it should be borne by the Bank in recognition of past services.
  5. Ex- gratia to Pre--01.01.1986 Retirees: The survivors and the surviving women spouse under the group are few in number.As they get a meagre amount of ex-gratia (being ineligible to get Pension for remaining beyond the cut Off date) need immediate attention.
  6. Reckoning of Special allowance for calculation of super annuation benefits: From 10th BPS onwards, the concept came into existence.It is paid not for doing any specialized assignment.It is an allowance of general nature attracting DA but not reckoned for superannuation benefits.It should be reckoned for superannuation benefits.
  7. Wrongful recovery made from Pensioners on account of the payment of commutation arrears arising out of implementation of SC Judgement. As IBA did not issue any uniform guideline for Banks, Banks adopted diversified approaches and by flouting the provisions of Pension Regulations and Rules of Central Civil Service (Commutation & Pension) made wrongful recovery from Pensioners.This needs to be rectified.
  8. Other important issues: ** The left--outs should be given a chance to opt for Pension in line with RBI. **The eligible Resignees should be allowed to opt for Pension. **The Officers in different scales who were due for stagnation increment between 01.12.12 and 30.04.15 after having completed the specified number of years from the date of previous increment should have been allowed to earn their last increment on which it fell due any time after 01.11.12.
  9. Consultative status for AIBPARC: The right of being heard is a long cherished human value.The elder citizens of the Industry must have a structured forum for negotiation.
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